As you and your family enjoy the last days of summer, you might already be anticipating the cold weather that is coming. Many people become so busy with the onset of the school year, or life in general, that cooler air arrives before they are ready for it. That’s why it makes sense to start looking now at ways you can get your home ready for fall and winter. Doing so can help keep your family warm and you money. And who doesn’t like the sound of that?


It all starts with making sure your furnace is ready when you need it.

Preparing Inside Your Home

When it’s cold outside, you’ll be warming the air and keeping it inside your home. That’s why it’s important to make sure your furnace is working properly. That means hiring an HVAC professional to inspect your furnace, but as Lifehacker explains, it also means getting a programmable thermostat. By setting different temperatures during the day, you can keep your house warm while saving money. It also helps to replace your air filters regularly so the furnace runs more efficiently.


But even having a great furnace and thermostat won’t help if your house is drafty. Check each door and window for leaks. If you feel air blowing in, you’ll need to employ weather-stripping and draft blockers. You can even use plastic wrap over unused windows during the winter as a temporary form of storm windows.

Tips For Outside Your Home

Once the inside of your home is ready for winter, it’s time to tackle the outside. If you have big leaks around your windows or door frames, recommends using caulk to fill in the gaps. Silicon caulk is often best, and this can completely shut off any drafts robbing you of money and warmth. Winterizing is more than just stopping drafts. Here are some other tips for taking care of the outside before the weather gets really cold:

  • Repair the surface of decks, patios, or porches before snowfall makes the damage worse.
  • Clear out your gutters after the leaves stop falling so melting snow can be directed away from your foundation and roof.
  • Check your roof for any loose shingles or leaks before the weight of a big snowfall damages your roof and attic.
  • Cover any outdoor furniture, or if you have the space, put them away for the winter.

Taking Care Of Your Pool

If you own a pool, prepping the outside of your home gets a little more involved. After all, a pool is a big investment that needs proper tending and care, which is why you need to winterize your pool as well.


In The Swim recommends getting the right-sized cover for your pool. Covers are essential for a few reasons:

  • It prevents falling leaves and twigs from clogging up your pool.
  • It protects the pool’s lining.
  • It stops melting snow from over-filling your pool.
  • It helps keep any water remaining in your pool from getting dirty.


Pool covers can fit both above-ground and in-ground pools, and there are even pumps that can remove excess snow and water from the top of the cover so that they stay protected as well.

Getting Ready Now Pays Off Later

It can be hard to think about winterizing your home and pool when you can still keep the windows open. But preparing now can help save you money, effort, and warmth when fall and winter finally arrive. Make sure your furnace is working properly, then close off any drafts or leaks. Then cover your pool and outdoor furniture so both are ready for when you need them next year. A little extra prep will leave you in great shape for winter, which is usually when we all start thinking about spring again. Good luck!

Paul Denikin

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