Spring and summer are often touted as the busiest seasons for real estate. However, listing your home or house hunting in the winter can yield results.

The most obvious benefit to listing your home in the winter is less competition. Many Canadians are traveling, visiting relatives, or hosting so opening their home for prospective buyers becomes difficult. Automatically, a significant portion of homes that you would have once been competing with are off the market, giving yours the chance to shine. Another advantage of selling in the winter is access to assistance. Your real estate agent won’t be bogged down with as many clients as s/he was in the summer, having more time to devote to helping you market your home.

Some helpful hints for keeping your home show-ready in the winter months:

  • Keep photos on hand of your home’s exterior during spring and summer so potential buyers can see what it looks like under all that snow.
  • During showings or open houses, keep all curtains open to maximize natural light, and opt for light curtains over heavy materials. Try brighter bulbs in interior light sources for more light.
  • Keep driveways and walkways clear of ice and snow for the safety of agents and buyers frequenting your property.
  • If you’re decorating for the holidays, keep decorations to the minimum. You want potential buyers to focus on the home, not the Christmas tree.

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