The area is named after the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club, which is situated on the southern border of Hunt Club Woods and surrounded by very expensive real estate. The Golf Course used to own much of the land where the community is now situated and is still has significant holdings. Hunt Club Woods is located just north of the Airport and to the east of the Rideau River.

The largely rural area was annexed to the city of Ottawa in 1950. Development got underway in the early 1970s, which is when most homes date from. It was designed as a suburban bedroom community with little commercial area. Although some condos, apartments and a co-operative housing development have sprung up in the area as well as commercial offerings and restaurants along Hunt Club.

There were once plans to create a  ring road around Ottawa using this land but they never materialized and much of the area has remained undeveloped ever since. Residents and green space enthusiasts have fought to maintain this rural feel so close to the city.

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